Camp # 91, Day 416, Emerald QLD

With a late start and drone rescue hindering out previous travel day we never made it to Longreach but stopped overnight in Emerald. After our spacious site and grand views at Carnarvon Gorge it was a shock arriving in the very cosy and tight caravan park.

Ken jumping fences to retrieve droney from one of those tree. Luckily it was the smallest one.

It did however have everything we need for an over night stop though. The following morning I had a chance to visit the shops and Ken and the kids had time to visit the local botanical gardens full of amazing parrots (which Georgia just loved) and an awesome playground. A brief but very pleasant overnight stay.

Now the name of this town and the one’s next to it, Sapphire and Ruby, should have given me a clue about the kind of country we were in, but alas it never registered a bleep on my radar. We were in and passing through prime fossicking country, but had no time to stop!

Since our time in Tassie I’ve been keen to do more fossicking and knew Queensland was a hot spot for it. However not expecting to be back in Queensland I had forgotten about the great fossicking fields here and had done zero research on the area. I was kicking myself as we drove right past these towns and fields. Oh well, another one for that every growing list ‘next time’.

Thanks for the puzzle Nadia ……. Looking forward to seeing it in person next month.

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  1. Ken Hall / Dad says: Reply

    What are fossicking fields? Glad you got the drone back again he he I can’t believe you never found any Ruby’s or Sapphires

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