Camps # 98 & 99, Days 422-423 , Birdsville Track, QLD to S.A.

We spent two nights on the Birdsville Track and while the sign said the road was closed we’d have official word it was now open so off we went. The track was good, a changing surface but mostly rock and it wasn’t long before we came across our first crossing. 

I got out to walk it just to be sure which also gave us a chance to have a look at some of the wild flowers and this large squadron of pelicans, no doubt following the water to Lake Eyre.

Was a bit sandy in parts!

Other than that early crossing it was a pretty uneventful drive. A little water around, pretty green, flat, wide open plains and big sky’s. We also said farewell to Queensland and crossed the border into South Australia. 

Pulling up for the night we missed to turn for the camp site but being self contained it wasn’t too much of a bother and we just pulled up in a dry creek bed a few more km’s up the road. We caught the last of the warmth from the sun as we set up and the flies were out in force but as the sun set and the temperature drop they disappeared to where ever they go when it get too cold. A very peaceful night was spent by the fire and under the star.

Red Tree Galactic Core
Morning fun while we pack up

The next morning we got on the road earlish and arrived at Mungerannie by lunch time.

What a weirdo and funny stop that was. Toilet, food and then we had a bit of time to wonder and chat with folks while Ken and an attendant had a look at our slow puncture. Turned out we only need to plug it which was great. The fella was a volunteer traveler helping out for a few days as the owner was sick. So he just helped Ken and gave him some good tips on how to use the stuff we had for repairs but had never used before.

Meanwhile the girls and I being entertained by the character how owns the place and really should have been in bed apparently. I don’t know if he was just eccentric or it was the medication but it was a pretty weird exchange.

A singing bear with a cigarette hanging out it mouth, the owner with a shot gun under his arm the whole time, Charlotte starting to freak out in the strange and unfamiliar environment and I was just trying to keep it all normal. We were happy to be back on the road again.

Get me outa here!

That evening we pulled up for the night at Clayton Wetlands Campground. A well known pastoral station. The camp ground was basic but all you need a patch of dirt and boasted a hot tub. Well that sounded like fun and too good to refuse. We got set up and filled the tub with hot water straight from the artesian bore. It was pretty cool for the middle of no where but I had trouble with the tub not being able to be drained properly old water sitting it, the slimy bottom and the creature I’d never seen before swimming in it. 

Not wanting to put the girls off and make the too precious about a bit of muck and creatures, I didnt make a fuss and grinned and bared it. I tired to keep their heads out the water and was thankful when the week after our dip passed and no one came down with any serious illness!  Another camp fire more marvelous stars and a good nights sleep. 

Been here a while

The next morning we only had 60 km’s before reaching Marree and the end of the Birdsville Track. It had felt like an adventure, the landscapes epic and thankfully the roads pretty tame.

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