Camp # 95, Day 419, Jundah, QLD

It’s beautiful country this, a remote wilderness of lush green plains and distance ranges. There were two big flood events during the wet season this year and it takes months for the waters to travel nearly the length of Oz. The first flood has been through and we’ve been watching reports closely as roads have been closed. For us this is also the first real test for a major issue we have had with our van, DUST! 

What a drive! On the open plains of the Winton to Jundah Road.

One of the biggest selling points for me was its claim to be a dust free van. So while I love our Zone RV I am hugely disappointed we’ve had dust coming in at the rear. It’s been back to the factory twice to have this seen to and these roads are the first serious dirt roads we’ve been on since the last fix.

And the verdict …………. bugger, more dust. Well, there is no going back to Coolum now, and with the Birdsville Track, Oodnadatta Track, Red Centre, Kimberley and Gibb River Road to come we’re going to be seeing a  lot more dust. Grrrrr!

I flux between deflated, disappointed and hopping mad! I was too angry to face it when we pulled up for the day, so Ken took matters into his on hands. Literally, with a torch, screw driver and roll of gaffa tape. Dealing with Zone and negotiating repair or compensation will have to come later, but bless him, Ken got into as many cupboards, draws, nooks and crannies as he could to taped up any possible entry points. Here’s hoping that will stop it because I hate the thought of facing all the girls clothes, books, toys, our toiletries and surfaces being covered daily. 

There is nothing Ken and a bit of duct tape can’t fix 😉

While Ken worked away the girls got school done and then we hit the road. Wide open land and big blue sky’s with whispy white clouds. The roads are firm and a little rocky but in excellent condition. It’s not a long days drive before we arrive in Jundah and decided to pull up for the day. 

Our timing is perfect. The Light Horsemen – Spirit of the Outback, is in town. What’s that you may ask? As did we, and the answer is, a refrigerated truck that visits these outback towns once a fortnight, for two hours, with fresh food. Bingo! Fresh food is hard to come by out here and we’d not expected to be seeing any until Birdsville at least, even then not knowing what we might find. What a legend and service he provides for the hard working families out here.

Apart from the cheers and shouts about the state of origin rugby that is on tonight, it was a quiet night and we get away early the next day.

Beautiful sunset aground of the last bit of schoolwork for the day!

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