Camp # 94, Day 418, Mayne River free camp QLD

After our day immersed in poets and dinosaurs there wasn’t much daylight left for traveling. We are on the Winton – Jundah Rd, making our way to Birdsville. A dirt road in pretty good condition. The country is flat and pretty green as there has been plenty of water traveling through here in the previous months.

Mayne River, Stonehenge QLD – Top spot for an overnighter

It is called Channel Country, the country that carries water from the northern wet season through a million little channels, creeks and a few major river systems like the Diamantina River and Georgina River, eventually ending up in Lake Eyre.

A typical bush camp night. Sunset colours bath the sky, the bugs descend upon the lights of the caravan, dinner by the camp fire, kids to bed following hot drinks and chocolate by the fire and if were lucky a couple of quiet hours under the star by the fire.

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