Meet the Van

She is a Zone RV Offroad ZF 22.6 and we’ve dubbed her the Goldilocks Zone. This seemed fitting for two reasons, firstly, being in the Zone RV is like being in the Goldilocks Zone. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold it’s just right. We are trusting for our little family it is going to be a zone in which life doesn’t just exist but thrives! Secondly we’ve 3 gorgeous girls with curly golden locks, just like in the fairytale.

It’s also been dubbed by our friends the Taj-ma-Hall (noice wan Reene), which we also love because while she is small and compact she certainly oozes an air of luxe and grandeur. With all the bells and whistles we are no doubt going to be very comfortable.

With our caravanning experience being very limited (just two weeks last year in Cape Range National Park) we are no doubt going to hit a few hurdles and challenges but it’s all part of the adventure. We have already learnt so much from folks willing to share their experience and groups on social media but the learning curve will still be steep.

I have to credit Ken with pulling this van together. He took it on did the research and made it all happen. By the time I caught up it was already in production. Being such a well thought out van and process Zone had it mostly covered and have been great to deal with at every stage.

Here’s to new beginnings and life in our Goldilocks Zone.

Ningaloo, where it all started

Ningaloo and Cape Range National Park are very, very special places.

This video I created is just a snippet of the natural beauty that you can discover if you can make the journey.

Leonie took me there for the first time when we first moved to Australia in 2001. We had a flimsy tent in the back of our very old but very reliable Mitsubishi Magna wagon.

Things seemed simple back then, which without three children it was of course, and we’re hoping to re-taste some of that simplicity with our new van life.

I remember we had a blustery night in Denham before snagging a camping spot in the national park, and being exposed to the beauty and magic of the place.

Just looking across the reef, you have no idea about the abundance of sea-life accessible just a few feet off the beach.

We’ve been back since many times – camping, with the Jacobson’s community camper trailer and most recently we hired a caravan.

It was this last time in July 2017, when we had so much fun together as a family of five, living the simpler life, laughing hysterically between ourselves over every evening meal, kids making new friends, that made us think there must be more Ningaloo’s around Australia.

When we got back to Perth, it wasn’t too long before we looked into seeing if it was possible and making the commitment to end my 10 year career with Dimension Data and spend 18 months exploring Australia in a van!

Carpe Deim Indeed!