21.02 – Coolum Beach, QLD

Having had two wonderful and full days on the Sunshine Coast today we were visiting the Eumundi Markets. We had heard they were probably the best in the area and we were not disappointed. Being a Saturday we had no schooling, so got an early start, which also meant a chilli start. Endless markets stalls of beautifully quality food, artistry and wares of all kinds. Something for everyone and busy but not over crowded with a really lovely feel.

The kids loved the markets, food, crafts, Bonsai Trees, face painting and meeting a beautiful rainbow macaw called Jasmine. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to come back.

After three busy days we opted for a few quieter ones around Coolum. Being a Sunday morning we enjoyed a slow start before heading out for brunch. We had been wanting to try a cafe called Raw Energy. Healthy, simple but delicious. Turns out they are a franchise and there is one in Fremantle. Bec and Bruce might be making a few extra trips to Freo this year.

Sunday afternoon we caught up with my cousins Bryn and Renee and their lovely little one Darcy. With our family spread all over the country and the world it is always lovely to catch up.

Monday we stayed local again, school, brunch, shopping, sorting and organizing before Mum and Dad head home the next day. We wrapped up our week together with a nice meal at home and a family talent show.

Lulu performed her sublime dance moves to her favorite tune, (still Gangnam Style), Dad gave us a couple of poem’s the last of which was more of a ditty that mentioned the word fart, the girls were a little surprised but amused. Mum and I did a rendition of My Favorite things with various props and actions to add a little flare, fun and chaos and the girls did a medley of tunes and dialogue from Aladdin. It was a memorable evening  but hopefully the footage will never see the day of light.

Lotte’s delicious Apple and Cinnamon donut slices!

Before taking mum and dad to the airport they minded the kids for me while I was able to pick up a few outstanding items from office works, bunnings and Howard’s storage world. I was searching for the location of these stores here on the sunny coast and noticed they were all on the same street, my lucky day. What are the chances they might be in the same complex I wondered and I hit the jackpot! Small pleasures not wasting time finding my way all over Maroochydore.

We are so blessed and grateful to have such wonder loving family around us. It was magic to spend a week here with Mum and Dad and the granddaughters just loved it. Thank you and love you very much!!!!!! So glad the weather held out during your stay and hope you recover from the head cold and lack of sleep.

With Ken not arriving back in Coolum until the next night us girls have had the next day to ourselves and after a bit of schooling I wanted to visit the wee village of Monteville in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. In my mind I imagined a quaint little village and that is what we got. What I hadn’t imagined was how cool it was going to be. A cold front was coming in again and with the elevation into the hills it chilled right off.

The that didn’t stop us from having a delightful leisurely potter about the craft stores, galleries, fabulous toy shop and other lovely little boutique stores. It was a great choice beacause Ken would have not enjoyed this pottering and I would have felt pressured to not keep him waiting in the street too long. So a perfect few hours and lunch in Monteville and then on to Melany Botanical Gardens and Bird World.

Upon arriving here I was a little surprised at the cost and realised we could have spent at least half a day here not just the hour and a half we had left. With the last aviary tour just about to start we jump on that. With Lotte not being comfortable around birds after a spring magpie swooping encounter in Perth this was a face your fear experience for her and she embraced it. I was very proud of her and she did great.

Three large aviary housing birds of differing sizes they were mostly very friendly and definitely a little cheeky. Being totally unprepared we didn’t have the correct shoes. Both Georgia and I coped a lot of attention from the birds trying to eat our sandles and they did eventually break Georgia’s. They were also keen on Gigi’s glasses but we got of lightly compared to another lady who’s jacket with press studs and zip was totally ruined by the time she left.

The gardens were lovely and the views of the Glasshouse Mountains stunning. The girls were very disappointed to have to leave. There imaginations just came to life in these gardens. Hopefully we can return with Ken.

The drive home was going to take us past Maroochydore Airport and right on time to collect Ken. The rain set in just in time for Ken’s return. He left here in the rain, coped rotten weather in Perth, and the rain was back again for his arrival. Hopefully he will get so experience  some of the Sunny Coast as we have.


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  1. Mum Glover - Grandma says: Reply

    Great memories and more thanks Leonie, I’d recommend the area to anyone, sooooo much to see and do! Amazing to see the girls covered with birds and such delight on their faces. xxxx G’ma

  2. I’d love to have been at that family talent show- Sound of Music, Aladdin & Gangnam Style🎶… Miss you all! Oh Maleny, such a beautiful part of our country- not a fan of those birds (overhead) tho, but love the ‘birdies on the girls’ pics. Your glasshouse mountain shot is worth framing💙 so Glad Bec n Bruce had a beaut visit. Loving your updates. XO

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