Camp # 32, Days 98 to 100 – Port Douglas, QLD

Georgia’s wish for her birthday (27th of July, so you can see how behind on the blog we are), was to be in a caravan park with a water park and with only one near Port Douglas that was an easy descision. What a beautiful park though. Large lush trees and palms with vines and ferns growning all over them and a heated pool. Being about 15 mins out of Port it was located amongst the sugar cane feilds at the base of some rainforest covered hills, it also meant it was pretty peaceful away from the hustle, bustle and lure of shops in Port Douglas.

We didn’t do any sightseeing here. Had a brief wander and lunch in Port Douglas on the first day and other than that hung around the caravan park. That said it was still hectic. It took a full day baking and decorating Georgia’s rainbow cake but it was enjoyable doing it together and the result was very satisfying.

Lulu seem to be starting to transition out of day sleeps and has been not going to bed until 10 -11 o’clock. Yikes! I cherish that quiet time of the evening to just be on my own, or with Ken and decompress. At first you have no idea what is going on and why this is happening and then I think back to the other girls and realized this is all part of the process. We are also beginning toilet training. She is just wanting to be nappy free more and more, so it seems like the right time. Haven’t really got a plan for how to do this in the van yet and haven’t found a shop to get a toilet seat or potty yet so it’s going to be interesting.

Georgia’s birthday was a lovely day. Balloons, presents, pancakes, pool / water slides, lunch, cake, candles and singing, phone calls from family and friends rounded out with pizza and movie! Yep not bad. She had hoped to meet some other kids so we could have a little party but that didn’t come to be, so we’ve promised when we meet some friends and are in the one place for long enough, she can have a little party.

We would like to have visited the Daintree but are not too worried as we are pretty sure we will be coming back this way after visiting Cape York. For now we are pushing north and there is an air of excitement as we get closer to Cape York. It a location high on our list of must see. Bring it on!

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  1. Mum Glover - Grandma says: Reply

    Oh GG amazing to see your beautiful cake and hear about your special birthday even after all this time xx

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