1707kms in 3 days. Cape Trib to Coolum, Days 202 – 204.

Well we broke our own rule after only one week. Our attempts to slow the pace down and not be constantly on the move came unstuck as Zone RV pulled a rabbit out of a hat and announced the van was going to be ready the day we were leaving Cow Bay.

Having just had such a wonderful week here in FNQ, I was feeling satisfied with all we managed to see and do in Queensland and we were keen to get back to Goldilocks and get back on with van life.

Had a top lunch at the ‘Grazing Goat Cafe’ in Mackay.

So out with our promise to slow the pace down and we decided to leg-it down the coast as fast as possible. Three long days of travel, overnighting in Townsville and just outside of Rockhampton. We really did just pull up late in the evening, ate, washed and reset for the next day.

Cardwell, QLD, where we listened to the Melbourne Cup on the radio while we ate lunch.

Cardwell was devastated by Cyclone Yasi in Feb 2011, but the community rallied and with lots of rebuilding, it looks fantastic today.

The days were long but I love watching the world go by, Ken enjoys the driving and listening to podcasts and the girls love watching movie after movie on the ipad. Ugh, I judge myself harshly for this and as much as I hate it, the guilty truth is, I have just given in to allowed the ipads to occupy the girls and get us through these long, confined days in the car. I suppose its that old 80/20 rule. At least Elsa keeps singing to me, offering encouragement and support to ……. ‘Let it go, Let it go’.

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