Camp # 3 – Bruce Rock

For no other reason that it’s my dads first name and it was only an hour and a half in the car we decided to stop at Bruce Rock.

Arriving at about 3.30pm we did a quick set up, made a picnic dinner and headed to the rock for dinner. The sunset was beautiful but it chilled of and became dark so quickly after a bit of a climb we just headed back to camp.

The camp ground was very quiet and the locals very friendly. They have a fabulous pool / water slide area but it was both too cold and had just closed for the winter. Could be a lot of fun otherwise. Was clean and quiet and again we were just overnighting so served us well.

The next morning we grabbed and early start, picking up breakfast / coffee in town and made our way to Hyden.



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  1. Yous should call it daddy’s rock xxxxx

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