Cats of Australia # 4 – by Georgia Hall


We had arrived at Coolum Beach and were unpacking the van when this little kitty cat came to say hello. She was a  friendly cat, as soon as she saw us she came running to us and smooched me. She seemed to have lots to tell me.

I  patted her and she followed me up to the van. I must have turned around to talk to someone or get something from the van and when I looked back, poof, she vanished into the bushes.

cats of Australia out😼


3 Replies to “Cats of Australia # 4 – by Georgia Hall”

  1. Mum Glover - Grandma says: Reply

    How amazing Georgia, a cute cat welcoming you to Coolum

  2. Ken Hall / Dad says: Reply

    Hey Georgia how lovely how the cat came to you don’t you think that little cat looks like cheeky I’m sure cheeky would love you you keep those beautiful pictures coming lots of love nanna😘😘😸

  3. Hey Georgia, a very cute cat, what a find! Thanks for sharing your story with us. You are the cat whisperer. Your cat tales are a highlight of every week. Happy cat tales to you. Xx

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