Lottes lap of oz #2

After Byron bay we decided to park up the van and stay in an apartment for four days and explore the city of Brisbane (we couldn’t park the van in the middle of the city because there where no caravan parks.)

We arrived late in the afternoon, dad had to drop off the car so we where all wondering wether he went over the top (which he some times dose).The billiding had 74 stories, and geuss what… we are on the 73!!!!!! I am a tinny baby bit afraid of heights, but the view made up for it all.

On our next day we got up and ready to explore Brisbane. We walked along South Bank and then we dicided to catch river cruise and they had morning tea, yum.


Then we went for lunch, on to the museum and shopping for a new out fit. It was such a long day and I just wanted to get home. That night we ordered take away to the room.

The next day we mainly just explored but in the evening we went to…….ALADIN 🧞‍♂️It was amazing the dancing and all.


The last day we went to …… ……. DREAMWORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much fun, even if we missed all the scary rides. I really enjoyed the water park.

I loved Brisbane! 😀


Lotte out 🦄.

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  1. Mum Glover - Grandma says: Reply

    Thanks Lotte (our secret C.B. 😉 ) we love to hear your highlights from the trip. It’s a Dreamworld indeed seeing all those places xx G’ma and Papa

  2. Bruce Glover says: Reply

    Great commentary by CB Lotte (Travel Writer) Love Papa

  3. Awesomeness Lotte. Wonderful blog and great to see and hear about your adventures.

  4. Hi Lotte it all looks amazing you seem so grown up with your denim jacket Aladdin looks great I’m so glad you’re all having such great experiences all these wonderful places and the food looks delicious 😋 keep up the blog as we really love hearing from you all love to everyone and big 😘 kisses love nanna xx

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