Lottes lap of oz #3

Hello 🙃

I think you might have noticed that I haven’t blogged like for ever and that’s because of life and becaus i never know what to write about . Mum suggest that I choose a less broad topic so I went with wiled life .

I’ll go back at Australia zoo where it all started,if you haven’t been you need to go if you have been you need to go again. I loved it all but my favourite part had to be the croc and bird show or the part when I got to hugged dingos I am not sure but it was by far the best zoo i have ever been to .

as we left mum let us get one of the bindi books witch we really enjoyed. So that’s prity much how I realised how important our wiled life is so i am doing what i can to help.



Lotte out🦄





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  1. Wowowoww Lotte, sounds amazing. What an adventure. Hugging Dingoes, really? Very cool.

  2. Is that your dad holding the baby crocodile? Does he still have 20 fingers?

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