Lottes lap of oz #3

Hello 🙃

I think you might have noticed that I haven’t blogged like for ever and that’s because of life and becaus i never know what to write about . Mum suggest that I choose a less broad topic so I went with wiled life .

I’ll go back at Australia zoo where it all started,if you haven’t been you need to go if you have been you need to go again. I loved it all but my favourite part had to be the croc and bird show or the part when I got to hugged dingos I am not sure but it was by far the best zoo i have ever been to .

as we left mum let us get one of the bindi books witch we really enjoyed. So that’s prity much how I realised how important our wiled life is so i am doing what i can to help.



Lotte out🦄





Camp # 27, Days 80 to 83 – Cape Hillsborough, Haliday Bay, QLD

We had heard Cape Hillsborough was a beautiful place to visit and we enjoyed a lovely stay. With few free camps and the caravan park full we found a small beach front camp ground attached to a resort / golf course at Haliday bay. Before we had even parked up Charlotte had found a friend so it looked like it was going to be a good stay for her.

A beautiful location, sweeping little bay, enclosed by forest covered hills, leaning palm trees and  the blue inviting waters of the coral sea. We are not yet completely comfortable in our knowledge of crocodiles and where and when may be safe to go in the water so while this place looks like paradise there is an uncomfortable edge for us.

The camp host another Leonie and Pete were very welcoming. It was warm and most people were enjoying a swim in the ocean surrounded by a stinger net so we followed suit and while the water was cold it was also refreshing. Durning the length of our stay, (4 days), the weather would remain sunny but with a constant wind to cool to swim.

It was a very relaxing place and Charlotte’s friend turned out to also be from Perth and traveling around Australia so the girls really hit it off and both relished the opportunity of the social engagement. Before our first day was out they had already planned a charity bake sale and announce it to each caravan at Haliday Bay. Who could stand in the way of such enthusiasm and a good cause.

Following our visit to Australia Zoo Charlotte has been investigating the role of a wildlife warrior and way she can raise funds as she travels. Without wasting anytime here we go, and what a success the bake sale was.

The girls were up early and kicked things of well with the first batch of apple and cinnamon muffins in the oven in no time. Next the blueberry muffins were ready an in the other vans oven, and not long follow by the strawberry and apricot jam drops. What a spread!

By 10 a.m. the girls were set up and selling. With a hungry and sympathic bunch of grey nomads looking forward to something sweet to go with a cuppa tea they sold like hot cakes …….. boom boom. Raising $100 they did really well and mum spent the rest of the morning doing the dishes. Ah well, small price to pay for a good deed and a maths lesson done.

The following morning we were up for sunrise at Cape Hillsborough. Regularly there wallabies and roo’s come down to the beach and make for a secptaular photo opp. While we did see some roo’s we missed getting a shot on of the one roo that hopped to the lapping edge of the water and stood for a micro second before hopping back to the dunes. Was lovely to witness as is the stillness and promise that accompanies a sunrise.

Next was breakfast before a delightful walk through the mangroves and sudden transition to open bushland in Cape Hillsborough National Park. The circuit was signposted along the way educating about bio-diversity; plants, animals, connection. Love it! What a great topic for schooling, we have really been lacking on the science front, but this can be an on going investigation as we travel through the land and various ecosystems we discover. Thank you Cape Hillsborough NP.

With such a lovely setting both Ken and I enjoyed a morning hill climb and yoga on the beach. Not together but we both had came away with the desire to establish a healthy and nourishing morning ritual and this seemed to start to come together here but like everything we will need to be disaplined to keep it going.

Cats of Australia # 5 – by Georgia Hall

This was my birthday card from Mum and Dad

I haven’t seen many cats but i have seen cats out the window of the car and one cat at a restaurant.

The cat I saw out the window was in Airlie Beach. We were just leaving town and it ran across the road into a garden. It was brown with black strips and too quick for us to get a picture.

The next cat was in Mission Beach at a Thai restaurant. Mum says it was a cranky cat because it bit and hissed at me. At first it seemed ok but then Mrs Crankypants cat turned cranky.

She was really pretty though, black, brown and white.


This is what mrs Crankypants would look like if she was going a party


cats of Australia out😼