Cats of Australia # 5 – by Georgia Hall

This was my birthday card from Mum and Dad

I haven’t seen many cats but i have seen cats out the window of the car and one cat at a restaurant.

The cat I saw out the window was in Airlie Beach. We were just leaving town and it ran across the road into a garden. It was brown with black strips and too quick for us to get a picture.

The next cat was in Mission Beach at a Thai restaurant. Mum says it was a cranky cat because it bit and hissed at me. At first it seemed ok but then Mrs Crankypants cat turned cranky.

She was really pretty though, black, brown and white.


This is what mrs Crankypants would look like if she was going a party


cats of Australia out😼

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  1. Lovely update Georgia, thank you!! Mrs Cranky pants party outfit is adorable. Hoping you see some snuggly, smooching cats today.

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