Camp # 26, Days 78 & 79 – Yarrawonga, QLD

Ken found this beaut little spot. We are wanted to do a bit more free camping and in particular try and always find a good free camp on ‘Free Camp Friday’. The drive in had a few interesting points for Goldilocks. It is not recommend for van our size but Ken did an amazing job getting through some narrow passages and we now having 2 ARB tyre deflators and let the 8 tyres down twice as fast. Just need to teach the kids this one and Ken and I can just stay in the cool car. 😉

Arriving close to sunset and with cattle roaming round it was beautiful. It’s a popular spot so we didn’t have it to ourself but it was spacious enough.

No denying we are in croc country now. Signs everywhere with warnings and then a memorial to the fella who was taken while launching his boats here, yep it really happens and happened right here for Neville John Olh. So why are there folk still fishing off the waters edge? I supsose it’s a matter of perspective, we are still more likely to be a road fatality than taken by a croc, but we don’t think twice about jumping in the car. However when it comes to crocs the 3 rules we are working with are, don’t go in the water, near the water or over the water.

Crocs aside the vista was spectacular. Sweeping views across the bay, mangroves, mountains in mist, roaming cattle and vast tidal changes to the landscape making it a most remarkable camp site.

We all enjoyed the change of pace that free camping offers and decided to stay two nights. With no where to go or be it’s a chance to relax and catch up with MORE bits and bobs about the van, spend time with the girls, find firewood, sit around campfires, and the girls love to get their toys out enjoy some creative play.

Free camping is definitely our favorite way to over night and we hope to do more as we make our way to Cape York.

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