Camp # 25, Days 73 to 77 – Yeppoon, QLD

After Fraser we overnighted at Tin Can Bay again, before pushing north. Needing to get a move on and get some kilometers clocked today we past a few places we would like to have stopped at. But we have realized you just cant see everything. Being in school holidays now we have booked ahead and the kids are going to love this one. A Discovery Park with bouncing pillow, water slides, bmx track and more.

Yeppon Lagoon, looking out to Great Keppel Island after missing the ferry. Notice the wind. Looks perfect but it was pretty chilli.

With so much at the park to entertain the kids it was a great opportunity for Ken and I to catch up on a few things and after 5 days on Fraser Island washing was top of the list. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind, being humid and overcast, getting anything dry was challenging. It felt like I was chasing up and waiting for washing machines and dryers to be finished of free for two entire days. And having put over $20 worth of one dollar coins into the machines. I am certainly glad we have our own matchine in the vans and can avoid using the machines in the caravan parks most of the time. Just the shear volume this time and the weather got the better of our little 2kg washer.

It’s getting tropical when stag horn ferns are growning out of the drainpipes

Yeppon is just north of Rockhampton on the Capricorn coast. I was expecting a sleepy little place but not the case. Anything that has a McDonalds, Target, BigW is considered civilization. The Keppel Islands are just off the coast, Great Keppel being the largest and most well known.

Charlotte got this shot. A chip of the old block.

We have lost a little momentum on planning and sight seeing but have engrossed ourselves in an audiobook detailing the life and history of Captain James Cook. It’s has gripped both Ken and my interest and has meant we haven’t been blogging or planning much. This contributed to our failing to catch the ferry in time to make it to Great Keppel for the day. We must have looked quiet rediculous turning up an hour late for the only ferry of the day. So disorganized but on the upside, it did provide Llewella with the opportunity to learn a new phase, which she delighted in repeating over and over.

“Oh no, missed boat!”

”Yes love we missed to the boat.”

Epic fail Mum and Dad, and bless her, she reminded us all day and the next day and every time she sees a boat now.

So while in Yeppon we enjoyed a couple of meals in town, a little bit of shopping, a beautiful drive and drone flight at Sandy Point, a bike ride, explored the foreshore with its amazing new lagoo / water park and the water slides in the caravan park were a hit.

Next we are looking to do some free camping. Having been parked under a pretty large tree here it meant we needed to give the solar panels a good clean. With the cloudy days we have been having and free camping ahead of us we are going to need all the solar power we can get.

Sandy point

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