Camp # 29, Day 91 – Wunjunga, QLD

While in Arlie Ken had received his Drifta Field Oven and pizza stone to go with the fire pit and was keen to try it out. So he found a free camp, stocked up on fire wood and went on a mission for us to have our homemade bush wood fired pizza’s for dinner.

The camp was only 120 clicks up the road so the drive was pretty leisurely. Stopping off at the big mango for the obligatory photo and to learn the history of the delicious mangos arrival to our shores. Here we also had a chat with a young couple we had seen riding up the Bruce Hwy. I think we had also seen them on another stretch of road some weeks back. From Chillea and riding from Brisbane to Cairns. Better them than me but alway admire their adventurous spirit.

The first free camp was a bit exposed (and I got the creeps from the bearded fisherman already on site), so we went a little further up the road and pull into a popular and busy camp ground. It was set back from the beach but protected from the wind. I have to confess I was not really into it tonight. There is always something to be doing washing, cleaning, cooking, blogging, schooling, researching where we are sleeping tomorrow or the next night and playing and looking after Llewella etc etc etc. But I think I was also just so tormented by the itching and scatching, I was too scared to go outside for fear of acquiring any more bites.

Anyway I prepped inside and Ken cooked outside. It was a pretty successful first run but its going to take a bit to learn how to get the coals just right and enough coals on top of the oven to brown the top but not burn the bottom. Yum Yum though.

Just stopping that one night here and on to Mission Beach tomorrow.

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  1. Well Leonie let’s hope the Scottish midgies don’t bother you. We have stocked up with midgie repellent xxx

    1. Ooh is that the Avon one. We were just talking about it today and wondering if you guys and get it there easily. Mum and Dad have looked into it here but it’s not easy to get and probably too late to order it. Not long now. Xox

  2. Mum Glover - Grandma says: Reply

    Dad’s favourite Kensington Pride Mangos

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