Lotte’s lap of OZ – Sydney

Hi everyone I’m back and just been to Sydney, let me tell you all about it…

Day 1

Today we packed our bags, jumped in the car and headed  off to Sydney. When we got to the hotel we unpacked and went to check out the afternoon tea 😋. After we got back it was all most dinner time so we hoped into a taxi and went to the Queen Victoria  Building for dinner. And to see the beautiful 24 meter Christmas tree 🎄 with 100,000 crystal decorations .

Day 2

Today was our first full day in Sydney starting off with a terrific buffet breakfast. After that we headed down to the Opera House which was just a short walk from the hotel.

From there we headed to the Sydney museum.They had lots of things to see and learn about the city’s history. Also it was built on the same site as the first building in Sydney and Australia!!!!!!!!

After that we headed back to the hotel for lunch and a rest. That evening we decided to go to the abc kids Christmas concert which was actually really fun. We had a nice picnic diner and then went back to the hotel ready for our next day in Sydney.

DAY 3 

Today we got ready and headed down to the Manly ferry ⛴ . On our way we found a great Christmas market in the Rocks, were we spent our morning. After that we hoped on the ferry which gave us great views of the Harbour. Once we arrived we decided to find somewhere for lunch, which in my opinion, was far too healthy. Then we had a walk around town and along the beach before heading back to the hotel having room service for dinner.


Today we went to Taronga Zoo, it was loads of fun. My favorite animal was the Komodo Dragon Sadly we had to go early because mum had a massage. In the evening we walked to Sydney Observatory where we had a private tour with a lovely Guide called Kat. We launched rockets (made out of plastic bottles )  and had a tour of the night sky 🌌. After the tour we went back to the hotel and had dinner.

DAY 5-

Today mum had to do some shopping 🛍 so dad took us to the power house museum .It was so fun. There was loads of experimenting to do which I love. Also there was a starwars section which dad made us go through. Lulu cried. I had to give Georgia directions because she had her hands over her eyes; it was really cool.  Someone like Riley would have the time of their lives but that’s not me, so I just got it over and done with. Dad managed to get one photo out of me. Then we got a taxi back and had lunch at the hotel so we could be ready to see Cinderella the ballet that evening.

Sydney was fab. I loved every moment, definitely coming back soon…

lotte out🦄

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  1. Sidney sounds great Charlotte it looks amazing love to have seen the Christmas tree and yea you’re more Harry Potter than Star Wars although aunts Jodie and grandad would have loved it so glad you’d are having a wonderful time love you nana 😘😘😘

  2. Grandad hall says: Reply

    Well done Charlotte on your blog I really loved it Sydney looked great I loved your comments on everything you all done you looked wonderful. Love grandad xxx

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