Camp # 5 – McDermid Rock

Free camping on the Hyden – Norseman road. A local in Hyden had recommended this spot to us. We had pulled into another popular camp ‘the breakaways’ but decided to drive on to McDermid Rock and had a wonderful time.

The Breakaways

I swear we had only been out of the car for 3 minuets when we get a big shout from Charlotte echoing across the camp and low and behold she has bolted up the Rock and is perch on top waving at us. How she got there so quick I still can’t fathom.

Pre-dinner snack found in the fire wood.

Isolated and quiet we were the only folks here and we were all keen to get the fire going tonight so a quick set up and scavenge for wood and we were ready. Camp set, we put Lulu in the sling and headed to the top of McDermid Rock to check out our surrounds.

It was a pretty easy climb. When we reached to top Charlotte whip out a speaker and iPod from her bag and with music blaring across the bush, busted a groove on top the rock. Very Priscilla Queen of the Desert, if only she knew.

With dinner to prep I descended promptly, accompanied by the tunes from the dance party happening at the peak. A night around the fire toasting mashmellows was enjoyed.

The next morning we walk the fabulous trail established all over the rock. It was only 1.1km but with 18 very informative plaques placed on the trail explaining various geological features it was both fun and educational. However took us much longer than we anticipated (couple of hours).


The flies were atrocious and seem to love me. Being a little hot and bothered now, we hastily packed up on got on the road.



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  1. Mum dad hall says: Reply

    Have I pod will travel wish we could have heard her looks amazing guys Georgia and Lulu seems to be loving it take care xxxxx

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