Camp # 6 – Fraser Range Station

Completing the Hyden to Norseman road, we stopped for lunch and fuel in Norseman. Then turning east on the No 1 highway, the Eyre Highway made our way to Fraser Range Station caravan park. Friends Val and Martin had tipped us off about this place and we are very grateful they did!

What a delightful property. Charm and character set in beautiful surrounds with fabulous Australian bush colours. Rich reds, dusty greens, beautiful sunset.

We rolled in late and jagged the best bay next to the nicest people from Pinjara. Ian helped us out with a tap fitting as we realised we had left ours at Wave Rock. Rookie mistake he himself had made and now carried spares, as we will do as soon as we hit civilisation again.

As we arrived the weather had turned wet, windy and cold. However after arriving somewhere new we love a quick explore and the kids need to burn a little energy stored up from hours in the car. Georgia was needing a little mummy time so we went our separate ways and explored the station only to find each other at the top of the nearest hill catching a lovely sunset over spectacular country.

It was a Friday night and the pizza and movie night tradition continues. Bought bases on this occasion. All three girls jumped into our bed snuggled up and watch a film. Was super cute but seems I fail to capture this moment.

Ken and I are spending our evenings planning the next days travel and blogging and somehow we are always crawling into bed too late. The girls (or Charlotte at least) are usually up at 0630 and love a nature walk. Aside from the battle with my eye lids its a lovely time for a walk so we again explored the station a little more and went roo, wallaby and emu spotting with great success.

Charming spot, but need to keep moving so packed up again and back on the road






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  1. Mum dad hall says: Reply

    Only you Leonie could stick to a routine while traveling and exploring life. Love it mum dad hallxxx

  2. Amanda Banks says: Reply

    It’s still running! Stayed here back in 2013 and they were fighting with a mining company over a nickel strike. So glad to know they have managed to stay open. 🙂

  3. Ahhh… “sunset”, my favourite colour! Magnificent pics, heavenly Halls. Beaut times onboard Goldilocks. XO

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