Camp # 7 – Sid’s Reservation, Cocklebiddy

WikiCamps is super app and helped us find this beaut spot. Again, well off the main highway, which we love. We had the place to ourselves. Kenny belting out some great beats to the bush and no complaints from the neighbours. Another camp fire and spectacular sunset.

As we are nearing the WA boarder I’m conscious of using up all our fresh food and Charlottes inner chef was calling so we broke out the thermi to whip up dinner and had a buzz about the kitchen making a bush version of grandma’s lemon delicious pudding. Yummy!

There are lots of caves and good looking tracks about here so in the morning we got the bikes down and went for a ride. Roo’s aplenty and a couple of wedgetail eagles. The girls did well and on our return we had another hasty pack up before treating ourselve to bacon and eggs at Cocklebiddy road house. Was nice enough but wouldn’t plan to stop here again. Madura looked nice with lots of trees, although we didn’t stop here and Mundrabillia was friendly, clean and very nice.

The girls had spotted a dead roo on the side of the road near the turn off to Sid’s Reservation and were keen to visit with dead roo. His bloated and stiff posture was most curious especially to Georgia whom is quiet clear she is going to be a vet one day. Begging us to stop we did and got up close with road kill. Another skeleton near by helped with the education of a rotting decomposting corpse. Not sure where this one fits into the Australian curriculum but i’ll find a way to relate it to something. #homeschooling on the road

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  1. Mum dad hall says: Reply

    Pie looks delicious did you use the Hurdigurdi. The girls are certainly getting their education hope Georgia wasn’t to upset xxx

    1. Didn’t use the hurdigurdi for the pie was a complete bush version just making it us as we go.

      Georgia was fascinated with the Roo. I prepared them it may be gross but they were keen and she was taking photos and fascinated. She is taking this whole, I’m going to be a vet thing very seriously. She said “I need to know this stuff if I am going to be a vet”.

      I was quiet surprised but pretty proud of her openness and maturity about the whole thing. I think at six we were still telling Charlotte they were just sleeping. Hahaha!

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