Camp # 9 – Bunda, Great Australian Bight

Cold, windy and dark was our arrival. A late dinner and bed was on the cards but the kids had other idea’s. They are doing great with all the traveling in the car (although we are not doing massive distances) but when we arrive somewhere they go nuts! They have energy to burn and need to get their silly’s out.

Lesson learned. The 3pm pull up is magic and the only way to go. Enough time to set up, have a play, pour a glass of wine, get dinner and bed done aaaaaand relax.

On the up side, arriving in the dark always offers you that element of surprise the next morning. Our stay was very brief. Just a quick visit to the bight and back on the road.

A stop at Nullarbor Roadhouse and then on to flushing loos, water and a shower tonight. Looking forward to that!

Camp # 8 – Seaweed, Eucla

We were needing a change of pace and I was getting a little over the red dirt everywhere and on everything (yike, already its only the beginning). WikiCamps again delivered and a super little camp. Just before Eucla, white, powdery sand!

Ken was needing to get a little work done and I new the girls would entertain themselves for hours in the dunes.

We were loving the free camping but we are having issues with the water tank monitoring system in the van so really had no idea how much water we had on board. Turns out not much, I did a load of washing and that was it. But with plenty in the drinking water tank and Eucla only 16 km away it wasn’t enough of a bother to up camp.

Old Eucla Jetty

We really hadn’t reasearched the water supply over the Nullarbor well enough (or at all) and it was going to end our stay here earlier than we would have liked, but with plenty of beaches to come we’ll just have to wait a little longer.

Getting to the site was a bit of fun in itself. After putting the Audrey (the car) and Goldilocks (the van) over some pretty good corrigations to arrive at the dunes we weren’t sure we’d get the van through the dunes. After a pause for thought, Ken jumped on his bike and went for a recky. It was worth a try so we let the tyres down and had nae bother.

The camp isolate, the kids delighted, the weather warm. Time to relax a little and enjoy a break from the car for a bit.

The kids have taken to the free camping well and no complaints about digging your own hole to poop in. I think its quiet natural for Georgia, being part cat and all, but even our diva Charlotte found the experience interesting. A first for me also, and please to report its not that bad, beats some of the drop loos I’m sure we will come across.

Our star gazing has been foiled by the magnificent full moon but the moon risings amazing.

The next day we decided to hang by the beach for much of the day and leave at about 3pm to take a shortish drive through the WA border and camp by the GAB (Great Australian Bight). Things all took a little longer and by the time we arrive at the bight it was well and truly dark, cold and windy. So an early night was had.