Camp # 10 – Penong, SA

So we have made it to civilization again. A spotless, small, well cared for and privately owned caravan park. With a playground a short cycle away and a windmill museum just opposite. In fact   Penong claims fame to the home of Australia’s largest windmill – the comet!

Water was the most exciting feature though. The laundry amenities immaculate so I took the opportunity to get all the linen done. Our little machine in the van won’t manage to do more then one sheet at a time and the bed spread is out of the question. $4 a load didn’t seem too bad.

Unfortunately we have had a few niggling issues with the van. One being it’s big claim to fame, being dust proof. Well ours is currently not. An issue I am sure Zone will sort when we arrive in Coolum. But in the mean time we will try and stay off dirt roads now and continue to clean up the dust.

While I did the washing, Ken and the girls explored the town and windmills on their bikes and in the evening we had a lovely pub meal and friendly conversation with the locals.

The next day the girls were sick of the traveling wanting a day about the van. So that’s what we did. We had hoped to visit a few local sights but somehow the day slipped away.


We did a little schooling in the morning. The day before Charlotte had spotted the local netball courts and wanted to go, so we jumped on the bikes and Georgia and Lulu played in the play ground while Charlotte produced from her bag a netball and her trusty speaker, (great birthday gift Grandma and Papa). Never movement without music for this girl. She was willing to take a few coaching tips from me and I have to admit it felt good being back on a netball court.

The rest of the day we relaxed before dinner and we were treated to another dashing desert from Charlotte. She does like to cook up a storm and has some very high faluting idea’s for a small caravan kitchen. But the end product was delicious, it only took me a few hours to clean up after her ;).

Strawberry and White Chocolate torte with fresh strawberry icing….. delicious!!!!

We enjoyed our stay here even though we really didn’t really explore the local area. Next stop Streaky Bay!

Streaky Bay Bakery Review – Elliots’s Bakery & Cafe

Streaky Bay is a great little town and we couldn’t wait to check out the bakery when we rolled into town last night.

Custard Tart Review – Charlotte

It’s a really nice bakery all the food looks really delicious.

The pastry was crunchy and crispy in some parts and in other not. Dad said the pastry was nearly burned in some parts which he loves.

The custard was sweet, wobbly and delicious.

Te amount of nutmeg just went perfectly with the amount of custard and pastry.

Overall the savoury tasting pastry and the sweet custard with the sprinkling of nutmeg just worked!

Custard – 5

Pastry – 5

Presentation – 4

Custard Tart Overall – 5

Coffee Review – Ken

I asked for a flat white – double shot and was offered a cup or mug. Coffee in glass is always better so I opted for a mug.

Presentation was pretty but with no creama art. Not a bad thing, the colour of the mug and saucer matched the overall decor of the bakery – classy! But we’re here to taste coffee…

Initially, although the temperature was again perfect for me, I thought it tasted a bit milky – probably my fault for ordering the mug rather than a cup.

As the coffee progressed though I really grew on me such that I was disappointed when I had finished with that last swig!

Temperature – 5

Strength – 4

Taste – 4

Presentation – 4

Coffee Overall – 4

Great coffee, I might try the normal size tomorrow and see if it turns into a perfect coffee.