Streaky Bay Bakery Review – Elliots’s Bakery & Cafe

Streaky Bay is a great little town and we couldn’t wait to check out the bakery when we rolled into town last night.

Custard Tart Review – Charlotte

It’s a really nice bakery all the food looks really delicious.

The pastry was crunchy and crispy in some parts and in other not. Dad said the pastry was nearly burned in some parts which he loves.

The custard was sweet, wobbly and delicious.

Te amount of nutmeg just went perfectly with the amount of custard and pastry.

Overall the savoury tasting pastry and the sweet custard with the sprinkling of nutmeg just worked!

Custard – 5

Pastry – 5

Presentation – 4

Custard Tart Overall – 5

Coffee Review – Ken

I asked for a flat white – double shot and was offered a cup or mug. Coffee in glass is always better so I opted for a mug.

Presentation was pretty but with no creama art. Not a bad thing, the colour of the mug and saucer matched the overall decor of the bakery – classy! But we’re here to taste coffee…

Initially, although the temperature was again perfect for me, I thought it tasted a bit milky – probably my fault for ordering the mug rather than a cup.

As the coffee progressed though I really grew on me such that I was disappointed when I had finished with that last swig!

Temperature – 5

Strength – 4

Taste – 4

Presentation – 4

Coffee Overall – 4

Great coffee, I might try the normal size tomorrow and see if it turns into a perfect coffee.

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  1. Mum dad hall says: Reply

    Hi the tart looks great you will have to make some in Scotland it must have been hard work well done the coffee didn’t look to good though hehe

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