Camp # 9 – Bunda, Great Australian Bight

Cold, windy and dark was our arrival. A late dinner and bed was on the cards but the kids had other idea’s. They are doing great with all the traveling in the car (although we are not doing massive distances) but when we arrive somewhere they go nuts! They have energy to burn and need to get their silly’s out.

Lesson learned. The 3pm pull up is magic and the only way to go. Enough time to set up, have a play, pour a glass of wine, get dinner and bed done aaaaaand relax.

On the up side, arriving in the dark always offers you that element of surprise the next morning. Our stay was very brief. Just a quick visit to the bight and back on the road.

A stop at Nullarbor Roadhouse and then on to flushing loos, water and a shower tonight. Looking forward to that!

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  1. Mum dad hall says: Reply

    Filming is great ken I have a long way to catch you up. Love the attitude pics

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