Camp # 11 – Streaky Bay, SA

Well the pace of travel has really slowed down and we are loving it! Arriving at Streaky Bay it was our intention to stay just the one night but 3 nights later and we are still here! Tomorrow however we move on, albeit reluctantly.


The Eyre Peninsula is stunning! Vast rolling coastal landscapes, peaceful calm bays on one side and powerful, wild, raging sea batter the other. It’s been dramatic and delightful all at once.


We would love to stay for much longer and explore the Peninsula for much longer but need to press on  to Coolum, (Sunshine Coast) for work in the van and warmer weather!

The Caravan Park is located right on Streaky Bay. Some sites even back on to the beach and we have seen folks having fires.

It’s clean and comfortable, has good amenities, close to town and in a beautiful prime location. The kids have made friend with the family next door also 3 kids, 2 months into there lap of Oz.

The town is small and cute, haven’t spent much time exploring it. But we did have lunch in a very hip and fabulous cafe today. Scrumptious food and coffee top notch. The town has the feel of Dunsborough some 20 years ago.

Highlights, (other than today’s lunch), the blowholes and whistling rocks (although this frightened Gigi), were really spectacular, and this afternoons frollick at The Granites and a visit to a camp place called ‘Ruby’s beach’.

We nearly spent the night there as I flattened the battery leaving the electrics in the car on. Luckily Ken had purchased a lithium jump pack just days before we departed Perth and it got us out of the poo. Phew!

We have managed to string together two days of school for a few hours in the morning and it’s worked well. Being prepared and ready the night before is the key.

After the usual push back from Charlotte we have found a way to provide a structure that will work well for the girls and give us most of the day to explore, have fun and do plenty of natural learning.  With travel days being the exception.

Hopefully this will go a long way to getting us into a rhythm.  Now for the discipline to execute the plan consistently!

We may have to find our way back to the Eyre Peninsula, in warmer weather and continue our fun and adventure.

As seen in the ‘Are we there yet’ book.

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  1. Mum dad hall says: Reply

    Sounds amazing looks fantastic glad you’re all enjoying it and getting into the pace of things pictures are great xxxxx

  2. Loving the pics and the updates. Fantastic! Beautiful! Keep on having a ball, Halls!❣️

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