Camp # 17 – Thallon, QLD

Intrigued to see more silo art we stayed overnight in Thallon. The free camp was at the show grounds and viewing point for the silo art. So we parked up with a prime view. A very small town with just a school and pub but seemed well cared for and the art was beautiful.

We had arrived an hour before sunset allowing the girls the chance for a play, setting up a bush camp for their toys. Lulu decided to have a very late sleep, Ken flew the drone and I sat and blogged with wine, a view and piece and quiet. A rare and cherished moment.

We didn’t bother unhitching the van to help with a quick get away in the morning, so rode the bikes to the pub for a meal. Friendly folks, but as we are discovering with these small, one man band pubs, the food takes a while to come.

After a freezing ride home we were tucked up snug in Goldilocks and sleep well as we have been most nights.

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  1. Thats adoorable. Love ruby

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