Camp # 13 – Spear Creek, SA

Todays drive took us through some pretty epic Australian outback scenery. Flat, harsh, vast plains, red dirt and emu’s. We stopped at Iron Knob for lunch, sandwiches in the van.

What a sad looking place it is. The mine is massive and like the moving sands of a sand dune  it seems to be engulfing the town in its red dust. Driving through the town it has the feel and looks like a ghost town. We had hoped to take a mine tour or at least visit the mine museum but not surprisingly it was close as there was no volunteers to run it.

It become a little more interesting as you approach Port Augusta and the Flinders rangers. And then on the horizon you catch a glimpse of the solar collector tower glistening at you from a far. The first operational tower of its kind in the world. SA loves it’s renewable energy’s, the government has cope some flack for recent failings but their investments in renewables is admirable and ground breaking.

Our camp tonight is Spear Creek Caravan Park. What a little gem. We only stayed one night but felt right at home at this lovely caravan park with very friendly, kind and welcoming camp hosts Todd and Jodi. It was their first day on the job having taken over the running of the park for the next 6mths from the station owners. An would you believe they were from Busselton, WA.

Just past Port Augusta, nestle at the base of the Flinders rangers, it was spectacularly scenic. With the rangers towering over us and a short walk away views across the Spenser Gulf.

Spear creek itself was dry but the beautiful gums of this area are full of character. Twisty, gnarly branches, covered with a smooth, almost glossy bark, mottled with Australian bush tones.

The Girls playing ‘Sleeping Queens’ by the campfire

The caravan park is part of a sheep station and you can buy meat direct from the station so we left well stocked up.

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  1. Nanna & grandad george says: Reply

    Oh looks beautiful thanks Leonie for all the information about the place it seems you have done such a lot of research it must seem srange to think all those people mined there to make there fortunes and it’s hard to imagine what happened to them .its great to know we’re you are and how you are all doing . Lu lu looks so grown up to me I guess she will be such a big girl when we see her next .you alllook like your having a great time take care love mum and dad George

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