Camp # 14 – Waukaringa, SA

Leaving Spear Creek we drove throw the Flinders Rangers coming out the other side to a place called Wilmington or Beautiful Valley. We stopped for a fabulous coffee from the Black Sheep Cafe. Although they were closed due to refurbishing the kitchen they kindly made us some great coffee and shared their interesting story. Sounds like we missed a wee treasure of a bush cafe with a pie to rival any other.

With water on board the van we were looking for a free camp for the night and thought we’d try the abandoned mine and ruins of Waukaringa. We prefer to be off the highway away from the noise of road trains. And I thought this might be a chance for some fascinating history.

Turned out to be quiet an adventure. Firstly because it miss calculated the distance off the highway and secondly the condition of the road to get to the camp. From Yunta we turned north off the Barrier Hwy for 30km. The warning sign at the beginning of the drive only added to the sense of adventure.

The ruins were pretty trashy with broken glass and rusty metal strewn everywhere but there were a few information plaques telling the story of yesteryear. The highlights of this stay was the country side, the stars and the road trains that travel this road at night.

We perched ourselves up upon a hill away from the eerie ruins. It felt like and we really were in the middle of nowhere. We jagged the weather with clear sky’s and nil winds to speak of and set in for another spectacular sunset with the roo’s.

The lights, dust clouds and noise of the road trains was a sight to see and you had to wonder where they were travelling to as it appreared to be a road to nowhere. How vast this land is!

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  1. Mum dad hall says: Reply

    Great you got water and coffee it must have been scary out there on your own. Wonderful

  2. Beaut pics in the “middle of nowhere”!

  3. Mum dad hall says: Reply

    Love the footage ken brilliant

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