Camp # 17.01 – Thallon, QLD

Got myself a little muddled in the rush to get my last post published and I omitted the details of our days travel. And it was a slow day of travel but an interesting one so I wanted to still share it with you.

In the morning we crossed over the NSW / QLD boarder at Hebel. We needed to stop to sort out a glitch with the car and glad we did. This boarder town has a quintessential Queensland pub that has been taken to the next level of kitch by having the artist we had visited in Lightening Ridge (John Murray) kitch it up even more. It was nearly midday and never having had a XXXX gold (classic Queensland beer), it seemed like the perfect place.

Hebel is a tiny place that services the stations in the region with a community Hall, Pub of course, Bank (not anymore) school/library. Being on the boarder it was also the place where they counted the number of people and sheep that crossed in and out of Queensland and part of the telegraph line that run through outback oz. The town had a great history circle you could walk around. It was a suprising but very pleasant stop.

Next we stopped at Dirranbandi for a quick stop until we discovered the most amazing Russian bakery. We had lunch in the van but who could resist such unique delights in the middle of nowhere. The lady made these special spiced biscuits mouldings in many different wooden moulds. She said they keep for a very long time and traditionally were sent to war with a soldier.

Well nourished, unlike the Russian soldiers, we made for Thallon.

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  1. Mum dad hall xxx says: Reply

    Love the pub how was the xxxx did you have a swallow with Mick Dundee. (ie crocodile Dundee he he)

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