Camp # 18 – Warrick QLD

Overnight we had decided to make our way to Byron Bay and visit the most easterly point of Australia. This meant we needed to head due east and even head down a bit back into NSW.

The terrain had been changing gradually but the next two days drives saw us come out of dry dusty Australia into gradually greener, mountainous and even lush country.

Goondiwindi was our lunch stop, another bakery and this time the Apple Charlotte stole the show. Where has that been all my life!!!! A big town, so we stocked up on food, fuel and Ken got a hair cut. Hair dressers love to talk and Ken is relishing a chat with anyone. He is always coming back with some tid bit of useful information every time we pull up.

From here to past through more pastoral land and stayed the night at a farm just east of Warrick called Warrego Farm Stay. Lindsay the farmer was super friendly and drove us through his paddocks to park us right next to the Condamine River. It was very peaceful, quiet and cold! We got settled in in and dinner on when Lindsay arrived with a dozen fresh eggs from his chooks. And arranged for us to come up to the farm in the morning for the girls to see the calves feed and visit with the cats.

Lulu loved seeing the animals. We have read about them in books but up close was fun. The farm hands were an older couple travelling. Picking up farm work for accomodation and a little pay, they were delightful and generous in spirit and time. After an hour or so we piled in the car to make our way across the Great Dividing Ranges.

The Great Dividing is the third longest land-based range in the world. Running 3500km, the entire length of the eastern coastline. It is not a single mountain range, rather made up or a complex of many mountian ranges, plateaus, up lands and escarpments.

It was a windy but beautiful drive. I am glad Ken was driving this leg, roads were narrow and traffic was pretty heavy. We passed through some cute little towns and the level of suffocation is increase by the sight of some gorgeous looking cafe’s and shops. We stop at Woodenbong, just over the Queensland boarder back into New South Wales. Refueled and had the most delicious egg and bacon on turkish bread ever!

Making good time we made it to Byron Bay by about 1.30pm and scored a fabulous site at the caravan park with ocean views. And wow!


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  1. Mum Glover - Grandma says: Reply

    Amazing to see that line right across Oz what a trip it has been already

  2. Mum dad hall says: Reply

    Excellent that’s great for lulu with real animals she’s stunning love the scenery drive sounds a bit frightening xxx

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