Lotte’s Lap of OZ

Hi there, it’s Charlotte here but I like Lotte. I decided I wanted to get involved in this whole blogging thing. So I will share with you all my perspective and interest of our travels . If you now me you no I love food (well most food anyway). So also decided to share all the amazing food we find, make and eat on our trip around Australia.

We have been in Byron Bay for four days now and I 💗 it. There are so many great shops and things to see and do and the beach is amazing.

On the day we arrived I remember running down the beach screaming, “this is paradise”. It was so tropical you’d think you were in a movie, definitely worth coming back. Not just for the view believe it or not the food is better than the view.

On our first night we went out to dinner at Fish bites food was lovely so were the staff.  The next place was Il Buco, a pizza restaurant, it was Friday night, pizza night. So good, I couldn’t stop eating.

Also there’s the place we keep going for ice cream after dinner. Amazing, all the ice cream is home made, best ice cream i’ve ever had (except for hides salted caramel ice cream).

This morning we went out for breakfast after the long and difficult walk to the most eastenly point of Australia, ok it was only 300 melters. All of the cafes staff were friendly and the food was amazing. Here is the best part,  it’s only a 350 meter walk up the beach from our van.

Last night we went to a Mexican restaurant and they had kids cocktails, so cute, and tasty. It took us a few nights to realise you need to get there befor it opens, otherwise in 5 minuets it would be packed no exaggeration

Lotte out.🦄








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  1. Fabulous blog Lotte, loved it!!! You write so well and you made me hungry. EVP out.

    1. Thanks I’ll post again soon😉

  2. Mum Glover - Grandma says: Reply

    Hi Lotte, Great to hear your perspective we have been wondering what Byron Bay was like – Wow. Papa wishes someone had invented a ice-cream phone so you could send him some!

    1. Thanks , Byron bay is amazing best place we’ve stayed so far see you soon😁

  3. Nanna&grndad says: Reply

    Hi Lotte Byron bay looks amazing and the food looks stunning so glad your having a great time .o before I forget your cousin Joseph passed his driving test pretty cool yea keep your posts coming every were seems so interesting love you nana & grandad xxx☀️🦄

    1. Thanks

  4. Riley Newland says: Reply

    Hey lotte it’s Riley I like to be called WeeWee now
    Glad to hear you are eating heaps of food is it better then my dads creame caramel?😋 when you come back how about a triple choc creame caramel i better go practice

    #WeeWee🤡 out 👉🏼

  5. Hey Halls! Great family pic @the most easterly point of the Australian mainland. Love Lotte’s blog (bye ShaSha, hello Lotte). Hope you’re all into the swing of camper life, and loving all the sights! Pouring rain has just arrived here – for the next week. Stay dry, stay happy, stay gorgeous!! *see you gorgeous folks when EOS pays for my airfare there!!😜🤣🙃😍😘

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